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Modern plastering

  • "Dot and dab" plaster-boarding (adhesive fixed to wall)
  • "Battening out" plaster board (timber frame work)
  • Repairing damaged plaster and plasterboard
  • Plastering post damp-proof course installation
  • Skimming (final finish)
  • Skimming over textured walls and ceiling
  • Constructing stud walls and doorways
  • Repair of lath-and-plaster walls using renovating plaster
  • Small-scale external rendering

Traditional plastering & finishes

  • Limelite renovating plastering
  • Cob and stone wall repair
  • Stone wall pointing
  • External lime rendering
  • Lime plastering
  • Limewashing
  • Eco-paints
These are the plasters that are commonly used:

Thistle Dri-Coat Cement based undercoat for re-plastering after damp-proof course has been installed.
Thistle Hardwall General gypsum undercoat, suitable for most masonary backgrounds to give high impact resistance.
Thistle Bonding Gypsum undercoat for low suction and flexible backgrounds.
Tramac Limelite Lightweight renovating plaster which incorporates lime and is a modern, direct replacement for lime-haired plaster. It controls dampness passing through walls of older properties as it allows the substrates to breath and dry out naturally whilst simultanously providing an effective barrier against salt transfer. By adding thermal qualities to the building it reduces the risk of condensation. It minimises efflorescence, prevents rusting of metal lathing and angle-beads. It also controls pattern staining, mould growth and it's quick drying properties permits early decoration. Limelite has played an important role in the conservation of many historic and listed buildings including: Windsor Castle, Tower of London, Hampton Court and York Minster.
Thistle Multi-finish Verstilie final coat skimming plaster for a high-impact resistant and smooth finish.
Cement render Mix of washed sharp sand (3 parts), Portland cement (1 part) and render mix addiative. It's used to cover external walls.
Lime mortar Mix of washed sharp sand (6 parts), Portland cement (1 part) and hydrated lime (1 part). Softer external render, that is able to withstand a certain amount of seasonal movement in walls without cracking. It also helps the property to "breath".
Lime plaster Used for internal plastering of old, partcularly cob, properties.
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