Tiling & decorating
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  • Wall and ceiling painting
  • Woodwork painting
  • Wall-papering
  • External painting
  • Coving
  • Traditional limewashing
Tiling and Decorating

Health concerns

Some customers, particularly those with children, are concerned about odours and lead in paints. I have addressed these questions by using low odour paints where possible. Dulux are, currently, the only paint manufacturer to guarentee no added mercury, lead or chromium in any of their range. Their paints generally have a low VOC (volitile organic compounds) content.

Eco-friending paints

Nutshell is a paint manufacturing company that uses only naturally sourced raw materials including oils, herbs and minerals. The approach is radical as it takes a holistic view of all the issues involved in sourcing materials, manufacture, application and disposal, in fact the whole life span of a product including packaging.

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